Best Soundbar for Computer Monitor

If you are a content creator and your work revolves around editing pictures, videos, gaming stuff, etc., you must spend most of your time in front of the monitor screens. Since almost all the work does not require excellent display performance, audio quality matters a lot.

Computer monitors usually do not have a built-in sound system, or I say, Speakers, ultimately creating external speakers’ need. In this case scenario, the best soundbar for a computer monitor could be your only rescue choice. It will benefit you for the work purpose, also provides remarkable and outstanding performance while streaming movies, playing games, listening to the favorite music, etc.

Though getting the best soundbar for a computer monitor is not a complex task, I will still review high-quality soundbars that will satisfy your listening needs at reasonable prices. Without a doubt, you can count on any of the soundbars in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

List of the Best Soundbar for Computer Monitor and Gaming are as under.

  • Razer Leviathan Soundbar
  • Creative Stage Soundbar
  • TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker
  • GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar
  • Bestisan BYL-S6520-3 Soundbar
  • Dynamic RGB Computer Sound Bar
  • LIELONGREN [Newer] USB Computer Speaker

Top 3 Best Soundbar for Computer Monitor

Razer Leviathan Mini: 10 Hour Battery Life

Razer Leviathan Mini: 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Speaker Type: Wireless, Subwoofer, Surround, Soundbar
  • Brand: Razer
Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar
Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Brand: Creative
  • Uses For Product: Computers
GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar
GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired, USB
  • Speaker Type: Desktop
  • Brand: GOgroove
  • Mounting Type: Table Top

1. Razer Leviathan Mini

Razer Leviathan Mini
Soundbar typeSoundbar
ModelRazer Leviathan

Presenting uncompromising audio power packed within an ultra-compact body – the Razer Leviathan Mini. Powered by Bluetooth with aptX technology for CD-like audio quality, this sleek portable speaker delivers stellar sound quality through powerful lows and crystal clear highs at volumes belying its size. With a play time of up to 10 hours on a single charge, activate Combo Play with two Razer Leviathan Mini speakers to experience a true wireless stereo sound stage. Regardless of whether you’re out on the beach or hosting a house party, the sheer power of the Razer Leviathan Mini delivers mightily.

  • Powerful lows and crystal clear highs in an ultra-portable speaker.
  • Bluetooth with aptX technology for high-fidelity wireless music streaming.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life for non-stop entertainment anywhere.
  • Enhanced microphone with Clear Voice Capture Technology.
  • Compact design and included carrying case for extra portability.
  • Analog connectivity for all popular devices.

Razer Leviathan Mini

  • Dialogue clarity.
  • Loud and clear sound.
  • BlueTooth and Touch connectivity.
  • Sound full of bass.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II codec.



2. Creative Stage Soundbar

Creative Stage Soundbar
Soundbar typeSubwoofer
Model Number51MF8360AA002

Another most affordable yet full of exciting features is the Creative Stage soundbar. Its 2.1 channel system at this price tag makes it stand out among the competition. You can add your computer monitor’s value by connecting this one of the best soundbars that come with a separate subwoofer for excellent audio quality.

It has a decent yet versatile build and would fit perfectly with your computer monitor. It offers plenty of connectivity inputs that bounce you an option of using it as a standalone system. It offers USB, BlueTooth, 3.5mm Aux cable, and an HDMI port input that would be enough for connecting the soundbar to gaming devices, a Computer monitor, or even a TV.

Similarly, the sound system is pretty good and satisfies speakers’ needs that your monitor forgets to bring along. The bass and treble level adjustments are also impressive. The dedicated subwoofer promises an excellent bass response for the rich sound that will fulfill the whole place while streaming movies or playing games.

Main Features Of Creative Stage 2.1 Soundbar

  • The voice is loud and clear.
  • 2.1 channel system.
  • Versatile.
  • Dedicated subwoofer.



3. TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker

TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker
Soundbar typeSurround Soundbar
Model NumberTT-SK018

If you are exploring a simple, user-friendly, plug and play soundbar for your computer monitor, then the Taotronics soundbar should be your priority. It is compact, best for the office desks, and produces outstanding sound quality you would never imagine.

It will connect to any device as far as it has a 3.5mm audio jack. Also, there is a USB port input and BlueTooth connectivity for instant use with the monitor. The overall setup is surprisingly easy, featuring the plug-and-play function. Besides, the sound it produces is loud, clear and delivers an exceptional performance with this price tag.

Though the bass levels are not high and the pair of drivers work relatively well to provide stereo sound, it can be a reasonable choice for everyday use for gaming and entertainment use. Indeed, it will be a valuable add-on to your computer monitor in terms of delivering a satisfactory listening experience.

Main Features Of TaoTronics Gaming Soundbar

  • It works with any digital device that has an audio jack.
  • The compact size saves space.
  • Incredible sound quality.
  • Slim design.



4. GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar

GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar
Soundbar typeDesktop Soundbar
Model NumberGGSVUBR100BKEW
ColorBlack and Grey

Getting a soundbar is a simple yet affordable way to upgrade your device, whether it is a TV or a computer monitor. All you should clear about is enhancing your listening experience with high-end audio quality. But, it will be a bonus point if your chosen soundbar is attractive, easy to use, versatile, and deliver the best possible performance.

Yes, GOgroove is a complete package of all these qualities, along with a passive subwoofer and dual premium drivers to enhance the bass and tweeter for delivering loud and rich sound. You won’t experience distortion, but the clear vocals and warm sound. Indeed, it is the best soundbar for a computer monitor because the audio quality is much better than any built-in speakers, especially at this price.

The soundbar’s design is pretty slim and cute so that you can place it anywhere near your computer monitor. Besides, you can see the knob on the soundbar designed to power on/off and adjust its volume. Its LED indicator helps you monitor the status, though it gives party vibes in the dark.

However, this soundbar does not support Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Still, you can connect it via USB cable or 3.5mm aux cable input. It shouldn’t be an issue considering its compact size that allows you to place anywhere without hassle.

Main Features Of GOgroove Mini Soundbar

  • Built-in Audio ports.
  • Angled sound projection.
  • The audio quality is immersive.
  • Microphone and headphone enabled.
  • 12W Audio peak level.
  • Passive subwoofers.



5. Bestisan BYL-S6520-3 Soundbar

Soundbar typeSoundbar
ConnectivityWired and Wireless
Model NumberSE01-D

Another cute yet slim soundbar, perfect for saving space and using for the computer monitor, is the Bestisan soundbar. The Brand is kind enough to include rubber feet for stability and rubber lining to give it an aesthetic look. The LED display at the front keeps you updated with the activities you’re performing with the soundbar.

At the back, you will find connectivity ports. Surprisingly, it offers wireless and wired connections for backup and quick use. It includes an optical audio port, pair of L/R auxiliary ports, and a 3,5mm audio jack. You can also see drivers on either side and for boosting the bass frequencies, three-inch speakers are there.

The overall audio quality is pretty accurate with bass and treble’s satisfactory adjustments. It can get loud at up to 95dB with a 60Hz minimum frequency of the bass. At this price level, the peak audio quality with dialogue mode is surprising.

Main Features Of Bestisan Soundbar

  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 3-inch full-range dual drivers.
  • Deep bass.
  • Three equalizer modes.
  • Dialogue mode.



6. Dynamic RGB Computer Sound Bar

Dynamic RGB Computer Sound Bar
Soundbar typeComputer, Soundbar
ConnectivityBluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Model NumberSK010

Bluedee is the early catcher of the ship and senses the need for wireless soundbars, especially to connect with a computer monitor a long time ago. Who says computers should only be used for work purposes, and we can not utilize them to stream movies, listen to music, and catch up on the latest TED talks. Well, thanks to this incredible dynamic RGB soundbar that comes in a perfect flexible size and offers us an appealing listening experience with exceptional audio quality.

Apart from the attractive look, connecting the soundbar with other devices is also pretty convenient. It comes with a USB port, Aux cable, and of course, Bluetooth support to pair with smart devices in no time. The colorful lightning delivery of the best soundbar enhances the experience. It helps in boosting enthusiasm while playing games or listening to music.

In addition, unlike TVs that offer relatively acceptable sound quality from the built-in speakers, you need a separate sound system for your Laptop or PC. Undoubtedly, this unit could be the best soundbar for computer monitor for its high-definition audio with excellent dialogue delivery capability.

The soundbar relies on compelling dual drivers along with dual diaphragms that strive hard to provide an iconic audio performance with high-pitch and deep bass delivery. The audio output can go louder than your typical Bluetooth speakers and not make you feel any distortion. Hence, it might be an entry-level soundbar to connect with a computer monitor. Still, it can provide real value to money.



7. LIELONGREN [Newer] USB Computer Speaker for Desktop - Cheapest

LIELONGREN USB Computer Speaker for Desktop
Soundbar typeComputer Speaker
ConnectivityAuxiliary, USB
Model NumberLLR055

The journey of finding the best soundbar for computer monitor should end with this compact and flexible soundbar that offers rich bass and loud volume at a reasonable price. The small soundbar makes enough room for dual high-sensitive drivers and one 2W passive radiator for bass enhancement.

All the built-in drivers ensure a loud and clear audio output with rich bass and high-pitch performance. The soundbar performs remarkably well while playing music or dialogue-oriented content. It pays attention to the little details, helping you understand every bit of it irrespective of the volume. Also, it lets you feel every pitch of the sound you play and provides an immersive listening experience. Besides, the best soundbar for computers is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS desktops. However, it can not entertain until the audio card is not installed in the system.

Moreover, it is a plug-and-play soundbar and does not require any complex setup process before use. Unbox the soundbar, plug the USB cable into your PC and hit the USB speaker button to make it a running device. For the connectivity, it offers USB and Aux cable support only. It is strictly an entry-level soundbar with a tight budget. Still, it can be a thoughtful addition to your regular audio listening needs.



Final Verdict

It’s a shame that computer monitors are not coming with built-in speakers, or if they are, their quality is relatively poor. Thanks to these best soundbars for a computer monitor, which would save us from upgrading the entire device for speakers’ sake.

I have referred to some of the best ones in the market that promises tremendous sound quality at a reasonable price. Their compact size and slim design will add value to your monitor and the overall place. Undoubtedly, get a soundbar that fits your needs and enjoy the fun it brings. You can also check our comparison on 27 Inch Vs 24 Inch Monitor.

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