Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Brand Sony
Speaker Type Soundbar
Connectivity HDMI, Bluetooth
Model HTS350
Color Black

The sony 2.1 soundbar is a modern and stylish-looking sound system with black color and sensitive buttons at the top panel for navigation. The soundbar’s front has a cover grill that covers the drivers. The grill coverage also gives a modest look to the soundbar. Moreover, it weighs only 22.5 pounds, so I can assume moving it around and managing it would be easy for you.

Moreover, all the buttons available at the top are labeled with their purpose for easy reach. You can use the buttons for power source, managing volume, connecting Bluetooth, and one is the moderator of several available channels. But, this best soundbar for Panasonic TV comes with a smart remote control with several dedicated buttons at the front that will transmit signals from a distance and make the controlling super easy and comfortable for you.

Besides, the soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer contributing to delivering the best quality audio performance with balanced bass and treble. Front-firing drivers of the soundbar also help the wireless subwoofer and take the sound system to the next level.

For the connectivity, it contains an HDMI arc and optical port for connecting TV and other devices. Also, you can utilize the Bluetooth wireless connectivity option for quick pairing with compatible devices.

  • Several sound modes.
  • Voice enhancement tech.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Wall mounting option.
  • Lack of DTS compatibility.
  • Limited connectivity.

Bose 700 Soundbar

Brand Bose
Speaker Type Surround Sound
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Model Soundbar 700
Color Black

Bose 700 is the latest and one of the best soundbars for Panasonic plasma TV from the vast product line of Bose soundbar products. Though it does not support DTS:X support and Dolby Atmos, it is still considered top-notch smart speakers among rivals.

As for the design, the bose 700 soundbar manufactures with high-end quality material with a glossy color grille wrapping around the drivers, giving a modern look while protecting them. It comes in a perfect size that suits your large-size screens; also, you can mount the soundbar on the wall.

Moreover, the soundbar would give you lots of connectivity options under the wired and wireless options. It comprises one optical digital port, an Ethernet cable, and a USB port. However, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections make the connection quick and easy for the end-users. Since the Boss decided to make the design minimalist, you would not find any extra button on the soundbar for the navigation but can be managed through the remote control.

People call it a smart speaker because of several unique built-in features. One of them is built-in voice control that supports Alexa and Google Assistant. You can set up this particular feature with a simple yet user-friendly Bose app. Other features include PhaseGuide, several music servers, and outstanding audio performance with loud enough volume capacity. The four-mid range drivers with a central tweeter enhance the overall sound quality and make the dialogue delivery clear and precise to understand.

  • Clear dialogue delivery.
  • Rich bass.
  • Lots of connection inputs.
  • PhaseGuide technology.
  • Built-in voice control.
  • Modern yet sleek design.
  • Affordable.
  • No Digital Atmos.
  • No DTS:X support.

Majority K2 Soundbar

Brand Majority
Speaker Type Soundbar, subwoofer
Connectivity HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, RCA
Model K2
Color Black

So you are planning to set up a home theatre and want to feel a cinematic vibe? Well, you are at the right place. Majority K2 will be an ideal addition to your entertainment sources with all its exciting qualities. When I say ideal, I mean its sleek and modest design with fine audio quality.

The majority K2 soundbar will be a perfect choice, and you can consider it as the best soundbar for Panasonic plasma TV for many reasons. First, it won’t give you a hard time connecting with the TV as it offers a Bluetooth connection. Also, USB port input is available if you have something in a device you want to share with others. Most importantly, if your TV does not support a wireless Bluetooth connection, then you can opt for an HDMI cable that will instantly link both devices and start working in no time.

The sleek and minimal design of the subwoofer surprises you at this price. I finally come across the most affordable sound system with an exceptionally loud voice and precise dialogue delivery. It also allows you to adjust the treble and bass response according to your content requirements with the remote control. The three EQ options let you choose according to your preferences.

  • Elegant and minimal design.
  • 2.1 surround sound system.
  • Rich bass.
  • Rich connectivity inputs.
  • EQ choices.
  • Affordable
  • The subwoofer could perform better.

Majority Teton Soundbar

Brand Majority
Speaker Type Soundbar, Desktop, subwoofer
Connectivity Bluetooth, RCA, Aux, USB, HDMI
Model Teton
Color Black

Majority Teton is a soundbar that every one of us dreams of having. It weighs only 1.53 kilograms that makes it portable and easy to move around. The slim and minimal design makes it worth setting up in your bedroom or living room, as it easily fits under the TV without blocking the view as it is also a desktop sound system. Also, there is a 21ch driver at either side of the soundbar covered entirely with a metal grille. The drivers are responsible for delivering high-range audio.

Majority Teton is a Panasonic soundbar with a subwoofer that delivers powerful surround sound and fills the room with loud enough music. The built-in subwoofer participates in rich bass delivery with balanced treble and tweeter performance. You won’t miss the Panasonic built-in speakers once you link this outstanding Teton soundbar and start streaming your favorite content. It also allows you to adjust the sound as you have several preset settings, allowing switching the mode according to the content preference.

Similarly, linking the soundbar with your Panasonic TV or any other digital device would not consume effort. It offers a Bluetooth connection that pairs up the devices automatically as soon you open them. Besides, the Aux cable port, USB, and HDMI inputs are there as alternative support. The soundbar provides excellent HDMI ARC connectivity and thus gets a rewarding status of the best Panasonic HDMI ARC soundbar.

Since the minimal design does not bother to add many buttons to the device, you still get a remote control to manage the soundbar and adjust the volume, bass and presets from the comfort of your couch. The Majority Teton soundbar ensures to deliver the premium audio that Panasonic TV dreams to offer.

  • Built-in subwoofer.
  • Rich connection.
  • 2.1 channel soundbar.
  • Affordable.
  • No atmos support.

Bestisan Soundbar

Brand Bestisan
Speaker Type Soundbar
Connectivity Bluetooth, Aux
Model SE01-D
Color Black

Last we have is the bestisan SE01-D soundbar which is also proving to be the best one for your Panasonic plasma TV. It has all the basic qualities that your TV lacks in providing. The sound quality is incredible with 3-inch full-range drivers.

The overall design is simple as it is not a whole home theatre system. It is a decent sound system designed to satisfy your audio hunger while streaming movies and listening to music. Besides, it offers you a lot of connectivity options with easy and quick support. Bluetooth is the preferable option users tend to look for, whereas USB and optical digital port is a valuable addition.

Surprisingly, you will also get access to Aux cable and RCA input as an alternative and easy pairing with all your portable digital devices. Besides, you do not need to adjust the bass or manage the volume by going near the soundbar because the bestisan soundbar comes with a handy remote control that will control the settings from a relative distance.

It is a decent and affordable soundbar that will be satisfying audio/sound needs with premium quality. It’s an 80W soundbar that will adjust in your place without any effort.

  • Minimal design.
  • Premium audio quality.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Affordable.
  • Full-range drivers.
  • We are missing HDMI input.