How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Using AUX

This article is about How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Using AUX.

Modern televisions are undoubtedly better than the previous ones; however, the smaller the speakers they have, the slimmer televisions are. Indeed, you can get high-definition videos on a brand new slim tv, but you do not get the high-level audio quality that you expect the device to render. 

In such scenarios, external audio systems work the best, for example, Soundbar. Soundbars add a lot more quality to the sound and deliver a home theatre-like experience to the users. There are various ways in which you can connect a soundbar to the television. However, several people refer to the old Aux way. 

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Steps to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Using Aux

In this article below, we will share the steps that you can follow to connect Samsung Soundbar to TV using an Aux cable.

Step 1: Power on Both Devices

In the first step, you have to switch on Samsung Soundbar and your television. You have to ensure that the power outlet with which both the devices are connected is working correctly and the cables are not damaged. 

Step 2: Plug the Wire With Soundbar

In the next step, you have to take the aux cable and plug the one side of it in the aux jack of the Samsung Soundbar. You must remember that in the sound by, you have to plug the cable in the “Aux-In” jack. The “In” in this context means that the audio is coming inside the Soundbar from the television. 

Step 3: Plug the Aux With Television

In the third step, you have to take the second end of the aux cable and put it in the “Aux-Out” jack in the television. Now since the audio is coming out from the television, you have to plug it in the out jack of the television. 

If you cannot find the proper port in the tv or Soundbar, you can contact an expert because if you plug the cable in the wrong Jack, it will not deliver the signal. 

Step 4: Change the Mode

In the next step, you have to change the audio mode in the Soundbar, for which you can press the mode button present on your remote control of the Samsung Soundbar.

 In case you have lost the remote of the Samsung Soundbar, you can find the mode button in the buttons provided on the Soundbar, but if you cannot find it, you can use any other compatible remote. 

Step 5: Enter the Audio Mode 

When you press the mode button of your Samsung Soundbar, you have to press the side arrows to switch the audio mode to the Aux. You will see the aux mode written on the Soundbar once you will reach it. 

Step 6: Change the Settings of Television 

This is the last step of connecting Samsung Soundbar to TV with aux. In this final step, you have to change the audio settings of your television so that you can establish a proper connection between your Soundbar and the television. 

You have to go to the sound setting in your television and then change the audio out mode to the aux or headphone jack. The name of this option can vary from television to television, but you have to make sure that you customize it correctly so that you can listen to the music from your Soundbar. 

Summing it Up

At the end of this article, we can only say that Soundbars are a great audio system that you can use to enhance the audio experience of television. When it comes to the Samsung sound, you can have an outstanding home theatre sound in your room. 

Even though connecting the Samsung soundbar to television with aux is not a very popular method, people often use an HDMI cable to connect the Soundbar to the TV. Moreover, even though the auxiliary cable is a convenient option to connect Samsung soundbar to television, it uses an analog connection. 

Because of the analog connection, you might not be able to hear the level of sound quality that you can get using an HDMI cable. More and so, by following the steps that we have mentioned, you can connect your Samsung soundbar to television with aux. 

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