What is the Best LG Soundbar Mount in 2022?

Are you going to upgrade your soundbar system with an LG soundbar mount? Or looking for efficient ways of saving your space taken up by the sound systems and the soundbars? If that is the case, you must think about getting the latest soundbar mount that will be an ideal way of getting both the birds down by a single stone.

You can mount your wall-mount soundbar systems on any of your walls in your home and there will be no need to specify any location for putting your soundbar. Among the most popular soundbar mount available in the market are those coming from the LG. The reason for their popularity lies in the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance and quality of the sound coming through their speakers.

Are you busy enough to miss out on reading through the entire article? Stay here for a while and have a look at our top pick. ECLINK Soundbar Wall mounting Bracket for LG LAS260B is the best choice for a cost-effective and fantastic soundbar mount. It is compatible with many LG soundbars like those falling under the LAS and NB series. It is a very durable product and has stainless construction which makes it last long enough to pay you back than what you have invested.

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Top 3 LG Soundbar Mount in 2022

1. Wall Mounting Bracket

Black Wall Mounting Bracket with Set of Screws for LG SH3 SH3K Speaker System
Suitable forSoundbar LG SH3 & SH3K Speaker System
Blade MovementArticulating
QualityBest Soundbar Mount
Dimensions7.5 x 2 x 0.9 inches
Weight4.8 ounces

LG has launched several unique and effective products coming with full swing in the market making the users return on their investment. These products are suitable for the quality of sound they produce and are also very elegant in their display and exquisite outlook. Therefore any of the Black Wall Mounting Bracket will prove to be a fashion statement for you and your home, given the investment you have invested in this product.

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Main Features Of Wall Mounting Bracket

  • The primary feature of any soundbar is its sound quality and this could not be overlooked as you can accept to have speakers that are not capable of playing any sound or playing low quality sound. The quality of the sound coming through the LG SH3 and SH3K is not only just mesmerizing but immersive enough to let you forget the world around you.
  • Another feature is the relaxed mounting outlook that is what a soundbar wall mount is all about. The prime reason for buying a wall mount kit or screws for your TV soundbar is to make a fashion statement in your home. This device is all about a fancy and space efficient design that will be placed close to your TV to efficiently play the sound.
  • You can hook up your soundbar with your TV and doing so you can enjoy all of your thrilling and cinematic experiences ongoing on Tv through your soundbar that is mounted above the TV in the nearby wall.


This wall mount is compatible with the LG SH3K sound system that will be allowing you to play any of your favourite sounds or music through the sound system hooked up to your TV



2. LG SK4D Soundbar Wall Mount

Wall Mount Bracket for LG SK4D Soundbar Speaker Stands
Mounting TypeSoundbar Wall Mount
Dimensions5.8 x 4.8 x 1 inches
Weight7.2 ounces
Best ForLG SK4D Soundbar Speaker Stands

If you are looking for a simplified wall mount taken aback by almost all the leading soundbar systems in the world, you must give this wall mount bracket a try. It is compatible with LG SK4D and has a unique feature coming with dual bracket holes at each end and thus will be more rigid and compact for providing added support to your soundbar and saving it from falling or friction.

Main Features Of LG SK4D Soundbar Wall Mount

  • LG SK4D is a leading name among the plethora of LG soundbars and this is an overall sound system that is in use by a large number of users worldwide. This product’s hype is due to the number of its features falling in the premium category.
  • Given the importance that customers and critiques have put forth in the LG soundbar, it is must find suitable accessories that will prevent any ambiguity with the efficiency and effectiveness of the soundbar. The most crucial of these accessories is the Wall Mont Bracket’s compatible wall mount as the LG Soundbar SK4D Wall Mount.
  • The wall mount brack has a simple design coming in an all black or has supportive screws with it that are not difficult to find at any tool shop. But you don’t have to go on the hunt for these screws as the wall mount bracket kit is coming fully equipped and you can have two distinct types of screws coming with the bracket holder with two holes.


LG Soundbar SK4D Wall Mount is a reliable and durable wall mount with stainless steel construction and could be depended upon for quite a long time proving it as a worthy investment.



3. LG LAS260B Soundbar Wall Fixing Bracket

MaterialsMade Of Stainless Steel
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Dimensions6.6 x 1.6 x 0.2 inches
ExtrasInclude Screws

ECLINK has the most reliable soundbar mounts launched under its banner ship. This is evident by the ECLINK soundbar wall mount brack for LG Soundbar NB3530A Mounting Bracket and many other soundbar systems coming under the LAS and NB series. The soundbar bracket is most fitting for diverse reasons given its hype in the market and price.

Main Features Of LG Universal Wall Mount

  • The most praiseworthy feature of this wall mount bracket is the exquisite outlook that makes it an appealing product despite the nature of being a soundbar bracket. Apart from being compatible with the LAS series and the NB lineup, this wall mount for the soundbar could also be used as a mounting tool for LG Sound Bar SH3K Mount.
  • The construction of the wall bracket is the same as all other products that we have mentioned earlier and this stainless steel construction will provide durability, reliability, dependency, and the applause that it deserves. Although durability and reliability is an important aspect of any product its significance is increased manifold when it comes to any wall mounting tool.
  • This is because the wall mounting tool is supposed to bear the weight of the actual product meant to be hung over the wall and provide it with support and advantage. For this particular reason, a wall bracket for the soundbar should be one such capable product like the ECELINK wall mount that can bear the LG soundbars’ burden and prevent them from falling.


This wall mount is the best choice for a wall mount sound bracket that is compatible with LG sound systems and this is all thanks to its stainless construction, unique and heartwarming design, dual bracket holes, and the number of accessories coming with it like the screws and nails.



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