Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights

The most common complaint most people have given is the flashing of white lights out of the Vizio soundbar which results in no sound or change of settings.

Vizio sound bars work on the remote as well as the buttons situated on them.

This article helps resolve the issue with solutions in easy and understanding language which will hopefully solve the flashing of white lights out of the soundbar. 

Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights – Solution

  • Flashing of lights in the soundbar could be due to change in settings that are made by users which would result in no sound while operating.
  • This could be solved just by resetting the whole soundbar. But, one thing has to be kept in mind that resetting could change customized settings of the Vizio soundbar and factory reset preferences. Therefore, using it is necessary and there is no option to do anything with this soundbar.
  • This option could be solved depending on the brand of the soundbar that has been used by the people.

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Methods to fix this issue:

Method #1: Hold the Bluetooth Button For a Moment

Press and hold the input and Bluetooth button of the soundbar for about 5-6 seconds. This might resolve the issue with just doing this and hence, the soundbar could be operated smoothly without flashing of lights.

Vizio soundbar input and bluetooth button

Method #2: Hold the Input and Volume Up Button

The second method is also pretty simple. You just have to press and hold the input as well volume up button simultaneously for at least 5-6 seconds and see if the flashing of the device is turned off.

Method #3: Press and Hold the Input and Volume Up Button same time

The third method is just the opposite of the volume button where you have to press and hold the volume up and input button at the same time for 5-6 seconds and check the issue.

Method #4: Demo Mode Sitting

Exiting the demo mode from settings may cause the flash of white lights so here is how you exit the demo mode. Firstly you have to restart the soundbar and check the flashing of lights and secondly pressing the power button did not cause a change in the exiting of demo mode.

Method #5: Try Mobile App

Next, you have to try using a mobile app to exit the demo mode, if not installed and connect the app to the soundbar.

Method #5: Press & Hold Bluetooth Button

  1. Press and hold the Bluetooth and input button simultaneously for 5 seconds till 4 lights are blinked. This will definitely help to exit from the demo mode.

This will help in resetting the soundbar and making it work like before.

  • Another indication of flashing white lights could be the warning sign of firmware update where you have to update the firmware at a possible time and get the uninterrupted sound.
  • Pressing and holding of Bluetooth, volume up and down button with input button simultaneously. Which helps in the correct working of the system.

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Tips and reminders:

  1. Pair your device with the lost used one and stop pairing it with many devices because it will lead to confusion of searching the soundbar that is paired with your device. 
  2. Avoid power cuts and power voltage fluctuations as this may result in powering off of the device and may rest your settings of the soundbar and also change the custom settings of the soundbar.

Bottom line:

The main reason is the soundbar which provides a sonic experience that gives immaculate sound quality. 

Hope this article resolved this issue caused by a certain error in the device that can be fixed without calling the tech person.

Therefore, find the easiest solutions to the problems with this article and let your panic down by relaxing using the device which will solve your issue.

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