Bose Soundbar Wall Bracket

Brand Name WALI
Material Stainless steel
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Color Black
Best For Bose Surround Speakers 700 Wall Bracket
Suitable For Bose Soundbar 700 TV Mount

If you are looking for something strong and fancy to support the upcoming soundbar, you intend to pair up with your TV. Or for enjoying the home theater or cinematic experience while watching the movies in your leisure or listening to the music at weekends, then you must need quality and a strong wall mount that can hold on to your soundbar for as much long as you want it to.

Main Features Of Bose Soundbar Wall Bracket

  • This wall mount is compatible with VIZIO soundbars and pairing it up with the TV requires you to go through the Vizio Sound Bar Wall Mount Instructions manual as there you could find any query about hanging or mounting your soundbar.
  • The manual may also help you find the right conditions of installation and the proper way of doing so. Well, there is no need to get frightened by listening to read the instruction manual or doing the installation work as this wall mount is very simple and pretty easy to install. All you have to do is to mount it on a wall by drilling in the screws and then placing your soundbar in that mount.
  • For additional setup of the soundbar and the audio devices along with their accessories, you must go through the user's manual and do it according to the expert advice for preventing yourself from any mishap. As far as this device's strength and support are concerned, it is a reliable gadget and will not let you or your soundbar down no matter what the condition might be.


This soundbar wall mount is coming fully equipped with the desired strength and support mechanism and will prove to be a worthy addition to the soundbar base of accessories giving the users a clutter-free living and added support to the soundbar.

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  • Durable ​
  • Easy to install​
  • Stainless steel construction​
  • Modern design​
  • Compatible with only 300, 500, or 700 series soundbar​

AVF EAK90-E Universal Soundbar Mount

Brand Name AVF
Blade Movement Swivel & Tilt
Compatible Devices TV's & LED's
Extras Tilting included
Color Black
Quality Universal Soundbar Mount

Having a wall mount for the specific soundbar or audio system is a good idea that makes sorting out the required gadget from the available options somewhat easy but what about having a single mounting gadget for all of your sound systems? Well, the idea of a single mounting tool may sound cool but has to be a reality for realizing its usefulness. This is what universal wall mounts are supposed to do.

Main Features Of Universal Soundbar Mount

  • Being a universal wall mount this soundbar bracket is compatible with all the soundbars available in the market and therefore you can easily put this item to use with any other soundbar. This means you don’t have to look for VIZIO compatible soundbars or LG compatible ones.
  • Although the universal wall mount is good but you definitely, have to pay the price as nothing worth having comes easy. So is the case with this wall mount soundbar bracket demanding you to pay some extra bucks that need to be splashed on a specific soundbar.
  • But suppose you carefully analyze and calculate the cost effectiveness of this device. In that case, it will certainly leave you in an aww as you can have the job of various mounting tools done by this single item and thus it would emerge as the ultimate winner.
  • As far as the strength and durability are concerned, it is no wonder that such an item is coming with the promised dependency, and users must be trusting its support mechanism for having an effective performance.


This universal wall mount is the best choice for VIZIO soundbars and any other audio system providing you an amazing package coming with all the necessary tools for being a great aid.

  • Built for Bose sound​
  • Simple and quick installation​
  • Can be mounted over a diverse range of media​
  • Single bracket hole​

Impact Soundbar Mount

Brand Name Impact Mounts
Color Black
Shape Latest Design
Materials High Quality Materials
Type SoundBar Mount Bracket
Mounting Type Soundbar Wall Mount Bracket
Best For Vizio Soundbar Mount

This is another universal wall mount capable of hooking up the soundbar systems with the TV either upside or downside of the TV screen. This soundbar bracket holder is coming from the Impact Mounts plethora of products and many are out there in the market as the product specifies wall mounts and still, a great number of them are launched as universal gadgets suiting the needs of users.

Main Features Of Impact Soundbar Mount

  • If you are fond of universal items, you must also fall in love with this quality and a trustworthy wall mount supporting each model of your upcoming soundbar from the VIZIO manufacturing firm or any other brand.
  • Another good thing about this item is that it is capable of being inserted itself at both the up and down positions and thus users can decide where they need to have their soundbar mounted. As many people would like to have it hung down the TV screen. And many would go for mounting it above the screen.
  • This is a very robust and sturdy product that has been carefully designed considering the necessities of a durable wall mount. This means you can greatly rely on this item as it will not let your soundbar down on its knees.


The impacts mount soundbar bracket holder would prove itself to be a very valued addition to your audio system and give a mess-free cinematic experience not weighing heavy on the pockets of users.

  • Universal soundbar bracket​
  • Above and below TV mounting​
  • Lightweight and sturdy​
  • Doesn't have holes for mounting​