Where Should a SoundBar be Placed

SoundBar is one of the unique audio systems that you can have at your home if you want to experience high-quality sound coming out from your television. SoundBars are available in various models and sizes, but they are straightforward to mount and place wherever you want. 

However, you must remember that even if you have a large Soundbar, it won’t make any sense to place it in the correct position. Most app positions for a SoundBar placement are either above the television or below it. 

Why Should a SoundBar Be Placed Above the TV? 

Even though the most common place where people place their Soundbar is below the television, there can be few benefits that you can get if you place your SoundBar above the tv. 

soundbar above tv

Reasons to Place Above the TV: 

Upward Firing Speakers

One of the significant reasons you might have to place your SoundBar above the TV is the upward-firing speakers. If you have a SoundBar with upward-firing speakers, you cannot place them below the television because then the sound coming out from them will get blocked. 

Soundbars with this setup of speakers are only meant to be placed on a raised platform, preferably above the television, so that you can have an immersive sound experience in your room. 

Sensor Blocking 

When you place the Soundbar below the television, the remote signal does not reach the device properly. When you place the Soundbar above the television, you don’t face this issue. If you still want to put your Soundbar below, you have to ensure that nothing is blocking the passage between the remote and the Soundbar.

Aesthetic Look for Low TV Setting 

Another reason for placing your Soundbar above the television is the aesthetics. If you have a tv set low, it is better to Mount your Soundbar above it to add up to the entire setup of the system. Also, if you have a television below your eye level, it would be difficult for you to place and mount The Soundbar below it. 

No Hassle With Kids and Pets 

Positioning the Soundbar above the television is also so easy when it comes to kids and pets. If your Soundbar is above the tv, kids won’t have access to it, or pets will not fiddle with it. In this way, the connection will not get disturbed. 

Why Should a SoundBar Be Placed Below the TV? 

Now let’s take a look at the reasons why you should be positioning your Soundbar below the television. 

soundbar belove the tv

Easy Connection

Different SoundBars come with varying options of connection so that they can be available wireless or wired. If you have a soundbar that requires cables for connection, it is better to position it below the television because the length of the cable is usually not more than 10 metres. 

Since most of the power sources are located at the bottom of the television, it becomes easier for you to connect the Soundbar with the wire. But if you will have a SoundBar above the television, you will have to go through the major hassle for the connection. 

Easy Placement 

Usually, Soundbars do not require mounting because they are meant to be movable. If you choose the position below the television, it can be highly convenient because you can place it on a small stand below the television. We don’t need to mount it on the wall. 

But in the placement, you must make sure that you are placing it so that it can catch the signal from the remote properly and is not covered with other devices. 

Bad Soundbar Placements

It would be best if you never tried certain places when it comes to the soundbar placement because those places are a significant obstruction for the audio. 

Behind the Sofa/Couch 

The first one is behind the couch or sitting arrangement. The Soundbar is not a speaker that can be placed anywhere in different positions. It must always be close to the television; therefore, above or below the TV is the best position where you can place a SoundBar. 

On the Floor 

The second one is the placement of the sound on the floor. If you want to have good audio quality from your Soundbar, you must always place it at your ear level. So, the floor is also a big NO. 

Behind the TV and Inside Cabinet

Placing Soundbar behind the television and inside the cabinet is also not recommended because the sound will be interrupted by the surrounding elements. 

Wrap Up 

We hope with this article; you now know where a SoundBar should be placed. The most popular and the right place to position a SoundBar is either above or below the television. You can choose whichever position works better for you as per your model of the Soundbar and your requirements. 

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